Self Evaluation on Nerve Tester!

My Nerve Tester!!!

This is my Nerve Tester! It does work as intended because when the wire touched the curvy wire it buzzes and the lights turn on! If I could make any changes I would maybe add another light in the swirl on the flower to add a bit more affect. To improve my nerve tester I could of made the hot glue neater on it. The easiest part was drilling the holes, painting and sanding because its not as hard as constructing the circuit. The most difficult part was making sure the circuit worked because you had to keep testing that it worked. I am very happy with how my nerve tester looks and works!

Nerve Tester Plan


A buzzer is an audio device. It is used to indicate a wrong or a fail by making a alarm type sound.  If you connect the buzzer in the circuit and when you touch a part of the circuit it will start to make the alarm sound to tell you that you failed.

This is a Buzzer!

LED Lights:

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is a light source used as indicator lights on many devices such as the Nerve Tester. They can also be used for general lighting.  

These are LED Lights. (Light Emitting Diode)


Smartie Statistics!

Today we learnt how to use excel. We used smarties and we had to find out the total amount of smarties in a packet and we also had to find the average smarties in one packet.

The amount of smarties that were in my packet was 11. The colour that was most common in my packet of smarties was purple.  On average the amount of smarties that are in each packet is about 11 and a half. The colour that was most common in a packet was brown or red. It was easier for excel to add up the totals and averages because you didn’t have to do it yourself. The fill tool is useful because it makes it quicker to add up all the sums straight away. I think that my packet was different to the average packet because it had mostly one of the one colour.

What is copyright and How do you reference?


Today I learn’t about copyright. Copyright is when somebody’s file, music, videos, books or any other piece of work has copyright so if you want to use it you have to ask permission to use because it belong to someone else. I also learnt that people can completly tramsform somebodys work and that’s okay because you didn’t use the actual thing.


Referencing is when you get information from somewhere and put where you got it from in a bibliography.  For example if you got infomation from a website you put: the author/company, the date the website last updated, the title, URL/web address, and the date you went on it.

You would write it like this:  Pennie. 2013. Pennie’s Blog (accessed 8 May 2013)




Multiple Intelligences

I completed a survey which said that my strengths are music smart, people smart and word smart. I was pretty happy and agree with my results because I love music, being with people and I love reading and writting too. My first intelligence was music smart then it was people smart and my third intelligence was word smart. The most interesting thing about this is that  this survey accually tells you about what a person likes to do.



Hints for effective Google searches

1. Only use words that relate to your search

2. Don’t use lots of words in your search

3. You don’t need to use capitol letters or punctuation

If you wanted to search How tall are Giraffes?

A bad example would be just searching the question “How tall are Giraffes?”

A good example would be searching the key words so you would search “giraffes tall”.